Short-Term Rentals


                                                            DUE DECEMBER 1ST

The City of Chelan adopted new Short-Term Rental License requirements on November 26th, 2019.  These requirements went into effect January 1, 2020.  The City encourages owners and operators to submit applications as soon as possible in order to process the first wave of licenses in a timely and efficient manner.

Short-term rentals are limited to specific land use zones.  Click here to see a map where short-term rentals are allowed within the city limits.

The new licensing requirements can be reviewed here:  Short-term rental code

  • New requirements include but are not limited to:
    • Application and fees – Initial license fee is $400 per unit, annual renewal fee is $250 per unit.  The fee(s) can be paid through
      Invoice Cloud or call (844) 533-1396.  Processing fee will apply. You will use your existing STR license number as the account number, new licenses use your rental address. Send completed applications via email to or mail them to: Chelan Community Development P.O. BOX 1669, Chelan WA 98816.
    • Health and safety inspections
    • Excise tax reporting (requires a State UBI #)
    • Parking and occupancy limits
    • Good neighbor guidelines to ensure operational standards such as garbage collection, noise and pet control
    • State insurance requirements ($1,000,000 policy)
    • Enforcement fees and fines
    • State Law Substitute House Bill 1798