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The City Council is the legislative authority of the City which is vested with all spending directives and planning policy authority of the city. The City Council through a majority vote ultimately controls the City's budget, all assets, and the future development of the community.


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John Olson, Mayor Pro Tem / Councilmember Position 1

John Olson

John Olson Contact & Biography

Erin McCardle, Councilmember Position 2

Erin McCardle

Erin McCardle Contact & Biography

Chris Baker, Councilmember Position 3

Chris Baker

Chris Baker Contact & Biography

Peter Jamtgaard, Councilmember Position 4

Peter Jamtgaard

Peter Jamtgaard Contact & Biography

Mark Ericks, Councilmember Position 5

Mark Ericks

Mark Ericks Contact & Biography

Tim Hollingsworth, Councilmember Position 6

Tim Hollingsworth

Tim Hollingsworth Contact & Biography

Shari Dietrich, Councilmember Position 7

Shari Dietrich

Shari Dietrich Contact & Biography