City of Chelan - Parks & Recreation - Lakeshore RV Park - Campground Rules


Check-in is 2:00 pm. Check-out is 12:00 pm. No refunds are given for leaving early. We also reserve the right to rent the reserved space to new campers if you check out before the expiration of your time. There is absolutely no subletting of your site.


Your base rate pays for up to 4 people (children 4 and under free). Extra people are $5 per person per night. A maximum of 8 people are allowed per site.


All vehicles must stop at the registration booth and obtain a vehicle pass. Your base rate pays for up to 2 vehicles. An extra vehicle at your site is $6 per night. (All licensed trailers are considered vehicles).



ATV’s / ORV’s

Motorized ATV’s, ORV’s, Scooters, Pocket Bikes, and other vehicles which are not licensed for operation on the streets and highways of the State of Washington can not be operated within the RV Park, City Parks, or Streets, in the City of Chelan. Anyone driving any vehicle which is validly licensed within the City of Chelan must possess a valid Driver’s License.


Your visitors must check in at the registration booth. They are welcome to visit you at the park until 11:00 pm. Visitor vehicles are to park in the Don Morse Day Park if you have met the 3-vehicle limit at your site. No vehicles may be parked on the grass. Cost for day parking is $5 per day.


No dogs are allowed in the RV Park Friday, Saturday and Sunday of Memorial Weekend and the last Friday in June thru Labor Day weekend. The rest of the year dogs are welcome. Scoop and leash laws apply at all times. Pets must never be left unattended. You are liable for your pet’s actions.


All tents and inflatable toys must be removed from the grass each day by 10:00 am and not returned until 6:00 pm. RV mats (indoor/outdoor carpet) may only be placed on the asphalt pad.


Don’t Get Wet!

Grass around your paved site pad will be watered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings from 11:00 pm to 6:00 am in intermittent cycles. Tents put out during this time are at your own risk and we advise that you do not leave any items outside at any time that you do not want to get wet. We will not be liable.


NO CAMPFIRES ARE ALLOWED IN THIS PARK. You are welcome to bring charcoal or propane barbecues and raised and enclosed fire pits. We comply with Chelan County fire regulations which are subject to change at anytime.


Allowed within the designated campsite of campers at least 21 years of age, however, MINORS in possession of alcohol will be evicted with no refund. ADULTS causing problems while intoxicated and / or disorderly may also be evicted with no refund. Illegal substances will not be tolerated and we will notify the Sheriff’s Office without warning.


Enforced by Park Security during Peak Season from 11:00 pm to 7:00 am. Please respect your neighbors.


Open daily during Peak Season. Moorage is not included in your camping or activity rate. Parking is not included with your launch fee or moorage rate. However, if you have both an RV site and Moorage, you receive free boat trailer parking.


Parking is $5 per occupied space per day or $2 for 2 hour parking. Use of park activities does not exclude paying for Parking at the kiosks located Marina and Don Morse parking lots.


Trees, fences, and utility standards must be kept free of all ropes and lines or pet leashes at all times.